Lewis Court High School

Life to the full

Relationships Education and Health Education has been statutory in all primary schools in England since the academic year 2020/2021. 


As a Catholic school, our mission is to support the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all of our pupils, rooted in the wisdom and teaching of the Church. The education of children in human sexuality is an important, precious and privileged responsibility.  The Church teaches us that this is very much a partnership with parents, in which parents are the ‘first educators’ of their children on these matters; ultimately, it is you, as parents, who confer on us the right to co-educate your child with you.


We use the Life to the Full programme by Ten Ten Resources. Ten Ten Resources is an award-winning Catholic educational organisation that is well-respected and very experienced in this field of work. 


More than a series of lessons, Life to the Full is a platform of creative resources that engages, informs and inspires our children, and parents. This includes interactive video content, story-based activities, employing a wide range of teaching tools, original worship music and an accompanying programme of classroom prayers.


There is an online platform for parents/carers so that you can engage with the teaching and deepen the experience for your child. To access the online parent platform please visit: www.tentenresources.co.uk/parent-portal


School Username: good-shepherd-br1

School Password: fence-sheep


There is also an information booklet for parents entitled, ‘Life to the Full’ which you may access by clicking the button below.


Life to the full - Parent Booklet