Lewis Court High School

Class Forums


At the beginning of each school term, we schedule Class Forums, when we invite parents into school to see their child’s classroom, meet the teacher and find out about the learning planned for that term.  It’s an opportunity to ask questions about any aspect of your child’s teaching and learning, including homework, school routines, special events, school trips and so on.


The Class Forums take place in the classroom, starting at 9.00am and lasting for about half an hour.  Attendance is not compulsory, but we do hope that as many parents as possible will use the opportunity to find out more about what their child will be getting up to in class and find out how best to support this at home.


Information shared during these sessions is uploaded to the school website so that any parents unable to attend in person can view this afterwards.


We promote dates for the Class Forums in the school newsletter so please look out for these at the beginning of each term.


the handouts from each class forum can be found on the relevant class page under the 'Classes' tab or please click below:


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