Lewis Court High School

Ethos, Vision and Values

Light, Life, Love

Light shows us the way
Life is the way

Love is the glue that holds all things together

 We cannot separate these because God is light; the life is in the Son, He is the Word of Life; and God is love. When God acts, these three are operative because they are who He is. We cannot live without these essentials because we cannot live without God.

“We owe to children the best we can give. Their life is fragile. If they are to have a tomorrow, their needs must be met today" Gabriella Mistral

In order to fulfil our Mission we share these core values:

  • love and mutual respect             

  • dedication and loyalty          

  • justice and fairness          

  • honesty and trust                  

  • the living of our faith      

  • high expectations of each other

  • forgiveness and reconciliation

  • an affirmation of each other’s talents  

  • a commitment to a culture of continuous self improvement

  • a willingness to co-operate and share our gifts for the good of all

In order to fulfil our Mission we aim to:

  • lead the children to a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith

  • guide and foster the growth in faith of each individual involved in the school community

  • make prayer, worship and the liturgy both meaningful and relevant experiences for all

  • expect the highest standards of academic achievement from all children

  • ensure that all children are provided with a challenging, broad and balanced curriculum, as set out in the National Curriculum

  • ensure that the life and curriculum of the school celebrates and respects the differing ethnic and cultural backgrounds presented in the school and in society

  • expect high standards of behaviour, courtesy and respect

  • create a calm, disciplined and positive atmosphere where praise and reward enhance the children’s confidence and self esteem

  • support parents and the parish community in fulfilling their responsibilities towards the religious and educational development of their children

  • establish and maintain effective communication between school and home